The CollOvine™ Difference

Pure Ovine Collagen For Multiple Applications

  • What is CollOvine™?
  • How are OviGenex products certified?
  • Where are OviGenex products harvested?

What is CollOvine™?

CollOvine™ contains between 93-97% Type I and 3-7% Type III soluble ovine (sheep) Collagen. CollOvine™ is provided in a sterile Acidic Solution or in Powder Form. Collagen concentration, purity and other parameters are lot certified.


What is CollOvine™?

Australia is a large continent, geographically isolated to effectively quarantine sheep from diseases. All OviGenex sheep skins are sourced from Australian certified disease free sheep. As a result of our proprietary manufacturing processes that follow ASTM F2212 standards and include stringent quality control assays, OviGenex products are certified to be 99% pure, disease and prion free Ovine Collagen. With endotoxin levels approaching undetectable, OviGenex’s CollOvine™ Ovine Collagen is supplied in Solution or Powder formats for all medical and research applications.


Where are OviGenex products harvested?

OviGenex Ovine Collagen products are harvested in Australia, following GMP and ISO standards using proprietary processes that are designed to remove collagen from sheep skins without disrupting the structure of the collagen. CollOvine™ is sourced from protease-treated ovine skin. OviGenex's proprietary processes include purification systems that result in 99% pure Ovine Collagen of Research and Medical Grade quality.

The Process

What Is Functionalized Collagen?

OviGenex’s CollOvine™ Ovine Collagen is available in both Solution and Powder forms and has many applications.

CollOvine™ can be functionalized into collagen derivatives that provide researchers with the tools to engineer collagen for their specific application of interest. For example, researchers can conjugate CollOvine™ with their ligand(s) of choice to promote cell adhesion, while cross-linkable CollOvine™ (e.g., methacrylated collagen) can be used for 3D matrices.

Available CollOvine™ options
  • CollOvine-RD standard research grade ovine collagen
  • CollOvine-PEG2-MAL (PEG2-maleimide)
  • CollOvine-SPDP (succinimidyl3-(2-pyridyldithio) propionate)
  • CollOvine-MA (methacrylate)
  • CollOvine-HF (cosmetic grade collagen)
Ovine Collagen

Culturally Acceptable Across the Globe


Mammalian-derived collagen is genetically closest to humans and therefore, least likely to cause allergy or rejection. It is necessary to draw collagen from big mammals such as; sheep, pigs and cows that can be cultivated domestically in large numbers.


Collagen is the major structural protein found in human connective tissue and is widely accepted as a safe and natural bio-material for the manufacture of a broad range of medical products.

As a result of the global epidemic known as "Mad Cow Disease" and todays more recent outbreaks of the more correctly known Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), there is a definite market need for a safe and acceptable collagen source to replace the bovine collagen used in existing healthcare products.


Ovine (sheep) Collagen obtained from an isolated disease-free flock in Australia is the most culturally acceptable collagen. It has many advantages over bovine, marine or porcine sourced collagen. OviGenex is safe and fully traceable from the farm. OviGenex collagen is acceptable to most cultures (including Islam and Hindu) as opposed to porcine and bovine collagens.

Comparison Testing

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