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We are uncompromising in our US-based manufacturing efforts, in order to produce ovine collagen to the highest purity and performance standards for all levels of research and industry.

93-97% Type I
3-7% Type III

99%  Purity

Experience the CollOvine™ difference


CollOvine™ collagen is sourced solely from veterinarian-controlled, traceable, USDA-approved, disease-free sheep from Australia.


Propriety OviGenex technology is employed to ensure CollOvine™ collagen products are processed to the highest level of purity with undetectable levels of endotoxins. Manufactured under GMP & ISO manufacturing guidelines.


CollOvine™ collagen retains the original collagen structure and functionalities, making it suitable for all research applications.

The Future of Collagen Biomaterials

CollOvine™ for Every Application

In-house Capabilities

Added Value Collagen Formulations

Our in-house capabilities enable OviGenex to add value to customers applications, whether to straightforward supply of powder and soluable collagen formulations, product development activities or via contract manufacturing services.

  • Regulatory oversight and input
  • Logistics and shipping materials
  • Product development
  • Standard & custom collagen formulations
  • contract manufacturing


Customized Ovine Collagen Formulations

We offer custom formulations to help achieve your objectives and milestones. It’s easy to make an inquiry by clicking the button below

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The New Generation of Functional Biomaterials

CollOvine™ contains between 93-97% Type I and 3-7% Type III soluble ovine (sheep) Collagen. CollOvine™ is provided in a sterile Acidic Solution or in Powder Form. Collagen concentration, purity and other parameters are lot certified.

OviGenex Ovine Collagen products are harvested in Australia, following GMP and ISO standards using proprietary processes that are designed to remove collagen from sheep skins without disrupting the structure of the collagen. CollOvine™ is sourced from protease-treated ovine skin. OviGenex's proprietary processes include purification systems that result in 99% pure Ovine Collagen of Research and Medical Grade quality.

Australia is a large continent, geographically isolated to effectively quarantine sheep from diseases. All OviGenex sheep skins are sourced from Australian certified disease free sheep. As a result of our proprietary manufacturing processes that follow ASTM F2212 standards and include stringent quality control assays, OviGenex products are certified to be 99% pure, disease and prion free Ovine Collagen. With undetectable endotoxin levels, OviGenex’s CollOvine™ Ovine Collagen is supplied in Solution or Powder formats for all medical and research applications.

OviGenex’s CollOvine™ Ovine Collagen is available in both Solution and Powder forms and has many applications. CollOvine™ can be functionalized into collagen derivatives that provide researchers with the tools to engineer collagen for their specific application of interest.

OVIGENEX LLC produces premium ovine collagen products to the highest purity and performance standards for all levels of research and industry.

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